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Services Details :
  • In Home Appliances repairing we provide complete homeappliances repairing at very reasonable prices on your doorstep.
  • Some covered categories are:
  • Cooler Repairing
  • Washing Machine repairing
  • Refrigerator Repairing
Service Timeframe :
  • Single Service includes a 1 time service.
  • Yearly Service includes 3 services at intervals of 12 months.
Warranty :
  • Single Service comes with a 3 months warranty
  • Yearly Service comes with yearlong protection assurance.
Service Details :
  • Pest control services help you to keep your family happy and safe from many pests. So take pest control services for getting all pests out from your home.
  • Some covered categories are:
  • Termite Control
  • Rodents Control
  • Bed Bugs Treatment
Benefits :
  • It completely kills termites unlike regular pest control that just repels them.
  • Highly effective, hassle-free and a safe treatment used in all developed countries.
  • Protects infested woodwork with chemicals that will not just kill the existing termites, but also protect it from future termite infestation.
Service Timeframe :
  • 1 Year contract includes 4 treatment in a year
Warranty :
  • Yearly Service gives round the year protection.
Service Details :
  • Experts do a thorough inspection of hiding spots of bed bugs and inject the areas with advanced chemicals.
  • A mild odour spray is applied ensuring complete treatment against bed bug
  • This is followed by a second round of treatment after 15 days to kill newly hatched bed bugs as their eggs cannot be destroyed at all.
Benefits :
  • It is highly effective and completely controls infestation of Bed bugs at home ensuring no bed bugs are found in the infected places post treatment
Service Timeframe :
  • 45 Days service includes 2 services at intervals of 15 days
  • 90 Days service includes 4 services
Warranty :
  • Additional 1 year warranty can be availed too
Service Timeframe :
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  • Yes we have solution for you hire the best one for you depending on the earned reviews by the professionals.
Service Details :
  • Get Services from expert and highly experienced and top rated beauticians so that your skin shine more and you look more beautiful, Also get services on your preferred time on your doorstep.

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